Am I mentally gifted? Surely not! Or maybe?

Factors such as speed of perception and memory are socially accepted signs of intelligence. But did you know that there are several different forms of intelligence? Perhaps you can recognize yourself in one of these areas?

The theory of multiple intelligences according to Howard Gardner:

  1. Logical-mathematical intelligence: The most well-known form of being mentally gifted. Characteristics: Logical analysis, mathematical abilities, scientific understanding. Well known examples: Pascal, Fraunhofer, Hawking
  2. Linguistic intelligence: Sensitivity for language and languages in written/spoken form. Examples: Shakespeare, Rilke, Henry Rollins
  3. Spatial intelligence: Sense for the structures of large spaces. Seafarers, surgeons, sculptures, actors. Examples: da Vinci, Kasparow, Columbus, James Turell
  4. Musical intelligence: Sense for musical principles. Examples: Mozart, Edita Gruberova, David Bowie
  5. Bodily-kinesthetic intelligence: Sense of body and body parts. Dancers, surgeons, people who work with their hands. Examples: Vladimir Malakhov, Willard Wigan
  6. Naturalistic intelligence: Appreciation of global naturalistic interconnections. Examples: Newton, Darwin, Einstein
  7. Interpersonal intelligence: Empathy. Teachers, leaders, doctors, actors. Examples: Gandhi, Mandela, John Malkovich
  8. Intrapersonal intelligence: Self discovery, development of own personality, appropriate perception of self. Examples: Domenika Bolls ;-)