Here you find my personal book recommendations. I refrain from presenting often reviewed literature about giftedness and high-sensitivity. Instead the main focus is on books that deal with transformation, self-discovery & the path to the inner home.

Meditation for Aspies - by Ulrike Domenika Bolls

Cover of Meditation for Aspies

Meditation is an effective, long-term method of helping people with Asperger's syndrome to take responsibility and improve their quality of life. In addition to its value as a simple and effective relaxation technique, meditation also offers numerous other benefits.
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Dancing after hours - by Andre Dubus

Cover von Dancing after hours

These stories give me the feeling of coming home. They are about people whos lives went out of joint through an incisive experience (of violence). The author describes the lives before and after the incisive events, acutely observed, empathic and poetic. One of my favorites books!

Deep Survival: Who Lives, Who Dies and Why by Laurence Gonzales

Cover von Deep Survival

How come that some people achieve superhuman actions in situations of danger? Based on true stories the author shows what survivors are made of and how the mind and the chemical reactions of the body work hand in hand in crisis situations.

This Book will save your Life - by A.M. Homes

Cover von This Book will save your Life

When the pain of his unlived life begins to manifest, the leading character of this book evolves step by step to who he wants to be. A wandering through new friendships, meditation, parenthood, heroism, renewal and the hunger for life. Entertaining, colorful, alive!

Wakefield by Andrei Codrescu

Cover von Deep Survival

Wakefield, author, architect, filler of empty spaces and inspirational speaker receives a second chance by the devil to lead an authentic life. On his quest for inspiration, meaning of life and souvenirs for the devil he travels the country on a speaking tour. Inspiring and far out!