About me

I am also a highly sensitive person and I experience this primarily in the form of emotional giftedness. I have the extraordinary ability to differentiate between my own and foreign emotions. I can often sense what others feel and need better than they can themselves.

I am also able to empathically perceive the consequences of decisions, events, thoughts and beliefs on the feelings of others.
I am able to "re-feel" situations from the past and "pre-feel" those in the future.

My giftedness is also reflected in my ability to think outside the box.
I am furthermore spiritually gifted. I see spirituality as the spiritual connection to transcendental dimensions, completely free and independent of any religious, holistic or esoteric concepts.
All types of spiritual work and interpersonal communication come easily to me, as do meditation and inner experiences.

My personal way to maintain my inner balance is to express my different interests by doing different jobs simultaneously; so I work as a coach, as webdesigner, as author and bodyworker.
My special abilities and gifts have led me on a life path with several highs and lows, which today stands me in excellent stead for my work with mentally gifted and highly sensitive individuals.